Master Jedi

Master Jedi Cannabis Strain

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Pretty good high in general, got so hungry I spent $67 on Arby’s but hey I can’t complain.

much like you Ky-lo Ren this strain is lost and confused. No distinct taste, burned my throat a little while smoking it. Wish the high were stronger
Very good

Definitely one of the best Star Wars strains that I have had... The effects are strong and kick in almost as soon as you exhale. Nice dense, dank and frosty buds. Perfect strain for a rainy day at home; a nice and relaxing/euphoric high, but also very Stoney (I haven’t felt stoned like this since high school!) If you come across this strain BUY IT! I promise you won’t be disappointed...
Very good

Definitely felt the force tingle through me once or twice 😉
Very good

10/10 🤚👁️ feeling one with the force 67% chance you'll feel like you're a bad ass master starlord. ☑️ Check if yo daddy evil
Very good

Great strain severe couch lock but in a good way sweet exhale taste really nice "the force is strong with this one " oh yeah I went there
Very good

If you have had a long day and need to relax, this is the strain for you. Spent a good hour or two stoned in bed laughing my ass off at my favourite show. The musky smell is amazing but can be overbearing if you don't want to be noticed. Definitely an amazing strain.
Very good

awesome strain cant go wrong heavy buzz
Very good

My experience with this particular strain was mostly great. Nugs were a bit brighter than the usual kush colors. The scent was somewhat a mixture of pine, sweetness, and quite pungent. I have experience with one of the parents of this strain, that being Master Kush. And in a way it is very similar to that strain. The onset of the high comes on slower than most indicas. Your body will start to feel more relaxed as the minutes...
Very good

HELLO leafly community I AM THE BREEDER OF MASTER JEDI !!! The Reason I called it MASTER JEDI is because this is the Original Jedi 41 X JEdi 41= MASTER JEDI These seeded were purchased from a guy that showed me his reciept for these expensive rare strain. It is extremely great medical marijuana ! Awesome body high, very potent indica. I traced genetics and it said that Jedi 41 = LIONS HEAD X WHITE RHINO !!!! Which is wh...