Master Bubba

Master Bubba Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I like this for when I cant sleep or eat
Very good

I sat down at the table after smoking maybe 1/2 a gram........soon after it felt like I took an epic long journey moving to the couch 8 feet away. I laid on the couch for hours, literally feeling like I was on the verge of orgasm.......the waves of pleasure just kept moving all thoughout my body......it was insane! I have never experienced this type of pleasurable high before!!!!
Very good

Came across it never experience such a high that this beautiful strain gave me
Very good

This strain was an awesome combination of it's parent's Master Kush and Bubba Kush. The taste was rather woody but it helped my chronic pain and was completely relaxing. Had a fruity smell to the flower but did not expect the woody taste but very good indica strain.
Very good

Full body relaxation and a deep feeling that life is great. Intense indica buzz, with energy and a big smile.
Very good

Loved this strain. Iv really like Kush’s. This strain I smoked via Live Resin. The high was great. I was lifted all day. I was in vacation so having the local dab bar. Shout out Barbary Coast SF. Loved this strain. Kept me lifted all day.
Very good

With it's dense buds & laid back stone feeling it makes me want to dream!
Very good

this is the life man... you smoke a cheech and it taste like bubble gum thx to potcargo.com

Too strong for me, took 4 hits from a cone pre-roll and it sent me to space. Within minutes the room was spinning and then nausea set in.. resulting in about 45 minutes of being sick several times before coming to clarity and was able to rinse my mouth and sleep. A very potent Indica, probably great for a more experienced Indica smoker. Generally I like Sativa's to avoid couch lock.

Very good pain management, although skunkier than i like. Mediocre for depression, but was able to relax and de-stress nicely. Munchies clearly present, but managable. Comes on slowish, with a headband effect.