Mars OG

Mars OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

mars og .. this strain is really good if you want to be in a chill happy mood with no worries and no pain this helps with destressing yourself and help you be focused when need to be but your head kinda feels like a balloon but it’s a good feeling ! 10/10 also the flavors bomb!
Very good

Definitely relaxed me

I’m not a fan. This is more of a CBD strain. I need THC!!!!!! It definitely takes away pain, I cannot dispute that. It is a smooth smoke, piney tasting and not harsh on the palette. Minimal coughingThis is ideal for being able to function regularly and I consider this an “in-between” strain meaning that this will hold you over until you get some GAS. I paid $70 for a quarter from a certain Bronx based delivery service in NYC...

Great for music production very mellow some minor anxiety but not much very clesr headed looks like had its brightness/resolution turned up
Very good

Just picked up this strain from a local dispensary my very first time ever trying it. The description is just like it says has a very nice earthy skunk tying taste to it. Roll up a doobie and before you knew it it was the next day. Made me forget who the president was
Very good

At this point I am still fairly new to medical cannabis (severe chronic pain + being weaned off my opiates). I was never a recreational user (I'm 64 now) and the few times I tried it I really hated the "high". I'm finding I have less problems with anxiety + paranoia if I stick to straight Indica strains. Mars OG is incredible. It is very soothing, calming, & relaxing with the heavy body high that feels like a blanket hol...

oil 6/11/2018 early am oil
Very good

Amazing skunkyness using while I broke my wrist just great fir pain and sleep new favorite
Very good

Smelled a bit piney and citrusy, brown sugar ground texture, light flavor with medium density vapor A bit of a creeper, it begins quickly and sets a good pace. Was about half way through the bowl when I realized I’d stalled out on my vape routine, which turned out to be the first of many before I finally finished the whole thing, which took me forever. As time passed, the high became ever stonier. Mellow, happy, slowed time...
Very good

Extremely sticky. Almost to the point where you marvel at how dense and tightly packed the buds are. Grinding took some enthusiastic effort. After grinding the aroma was very strong with Berry and pine scents with a slight grape presence. And man did this shit burn slow I mean really slow rolled about .7 and had to put it out. 20 mins after heavy eyes and lights out bedtime.