Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica Cannabis Strain

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Very good

The history behind this plant is crazy. Looooved smokin it. Just fantastic.

very sweet smelling. smooth high. perfect for late night smoking.
Very good

This Bushy, sturdy, resilliant Cannabis Plant is Legendary! I've grown her outdoors in the Puget Sound Region and she loves the atmosphere. After the Dark Green Foliage is formed I cut the larger fan leaves to give the bottom some love too. This babe flowers at warp speed without much smell at all. It produces light green flower with the most trichome coverage i've ever seen! After the full plant hang dry and subsequent meti...
Very good

First strain of Indica I have ever smoked and all I can say is WOW! I am super relaxed, my anxiety has calmed, and I could easily fall asleep. I have a few chronic issues that cause pain all day and this has relieved much of the pain.
Very good

One of the best strains I've smoked yet. Definitely a very heavy indica. I just smoked a bowl of this listening to "late night jazz" on Spotify, it's been a great night.
Very good

I have nick-named this strain, "Night Night" as it is simply exceptional for giving you the best sleep you have ever had. It truly is one of my favorites of all time. Very consistent and the flavor is wonderful and not overpowering. I would call this a "heavy indica" which has obvious medicinal qualities. A truly wonderful companion after a hard day of work. I LOVE this strain . . . you will not be disappointed in this one i...
Very good

Instantly melts your body into a feel-good Jell-O but you are in control. Instantly relaxed stress anxiety believed in overall feeling of well-being this is a great strain
Very good

A good indica it really helps with sleep also it is sedative and you will feel so relaxed that you won't get up hahaha. The smell of this strain is pretty sweet and the flavor is sweet. I smoked this strain in vaporizer and pipe, i think that is better to smoke it in vaporizer because it kicks better and last longer. Greetings from Mexico :)
Very good

Smoked this after I got out of the hospital, and it was pretty decent. More of a strain you'd wanna smoke if you can't sleep though. Didn't help much with my joint pain or the inflammation throughout my body, but I definitely passed out every time I smoked this. Overall rating would be about a 3.5/5.
Very good

Smooth tasting heavy indica