Mango Cannabis Strain

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I just tried this. Been using it 2 nights now. Does not feel like a indica though at least what I’m used to. I will say it’s intense at first. Effects are felt in head within a few minutes. U can feel where it’s going to start my head starts tingling and it feels king of good. It does come on slowly then hits hard when it really kicks in then about 10 minutes in I think if I have this correct you get hit hard again with eup...
Very good

played spiderman for 3 hours after smoking, did orange justice whilst smoking. good time

Im smokin on a few nugs that i got in california. Initially, the head high gave me a little paranoia and anxiety. Its a lot stronger than i assumed. However, after 5 mins my body is buzzing and im incredibly happy. The head high is now a body high/head high mix that produces a soothing effect. Its strong so im getting a lot of energy and its suddenly overwhelming and anxiousness is rising. I cant really concentrate but i don...
Very good

Awesome Relaxing Flower..Kicked me back good and was awesome on my Spinal Stenosis Pain..
Very good

Wow..... This is the best feeling ever to just lay down and FEEL it. I feel like rain is dripping on me my body is buzzing. It feels really cold and then kinda hot. It's 1:1 THC and CBD so this is the best ever. Not sure if it would be good around the public but wow... I feel beautiful
Very good

Indica que te pega en donde estés acostado o sentado, pero capaz de convivir con las demás personas, muy sociable Para estar en casa o con amigos sin necesidad de moverse mucho
Very good

Tastes a little citrus-y, kind of a dry mouthfeel aftertaste. Effect was pretty much relaxed and lethargic.
Very good

Sweet, smooth smoke. Comfortable, playful/silly, happy.
Very good

Chilled out but still motivated, got the best sleep too. My buddies and I got the giggles while playing golf.

Very interesting