Mango Kush

Mango Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

it has a very nice balance of uplifting and relaxing effects.
Very good

the flavor on this strain was absolutely unreal, so tasty.

Distinct flavour tastes quite decent

Tbh this strain is slowly making its way to my top 3 favorites! the SMELL is amazing and honestly wish it was a candle BC SOOO GOODDD. Then once that high hits you feel that PAIN melt away and a constant upbeat feeling, fading into a relaxing kickback vibe ALLLLL NIGHTTTT. honestly can say this wont give a bad high!
Very good

Wow! Picked some up at the NSLC(Nova Scotias Liqour store, sold there since it’s legal) anyways I hit 2 bowls and I am absolutely high it tastes just like mangos and I have chronic back pain which I no longer feel! Amazing strain, the THC content one the stash I picked up measures at 21.45%
Very good

Pretty nice strain, really smooth. Nice fruity flavour not too pungent . Made me happy, euphoric, a bit sleepy, and talkative. Not bad, but not crazy about it, it gets you to where you want to be. Good for beginners or someone who doesn’t want something too intense. Gave me really dry eyes and mouth, but can be fixed with gum, water and eyedrops. Would consider purchasing again..
Very good

Had this one with my boys, we got super creative and a bit wired which made it quite a fun strain
Very good

One of my all-time favorites is Sun grown Mango Kush. Truly an Orangey Mango Flavor. With an Earthy fruit smell as well as taste. An afternoon with Mango Kush and your bound to feel relaxed, but happy, pain free enough for light chores around the house. Great for muscle pain as well as arthritic fingers in a salve or cream.
Very good

Great for smoking while out and about. Very clear headed, made me feel creative. Not necessarily a social weed but not paranoid or anxiety inducing at all.