Magic Beans OG

Magic Beans OG Cannabis Strain

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Probably my favorite strain of bud.
Very good

By far one of the bes strains of indica out there.. I give this flower 5 stars for multiple reasons... First and foremost is this flower is good for anxiety..... I have it bad and just a few puffs on magic beans and I am fine... Also the high is very euphoric and mellow... The type of bud you smoke b4 you go to bed or if you wanna just relax and watch a movie.

Kept me awake and NOT euphoric. Constant stream of negative thoughts. Maybe that's how the pain in my body was transferred. Everything I didn't want.
Very good

Just smoked a preroll of this and my mood instantly elevated! It doesn't make me as sluggish as other indicas, which I like. 10/10
Very good

I agree with everything said about Magic Beans. It's was told at the dispensary this strain was designed to NOT give the MUNCHES! Please post something some where on Leafly if you know anything about the munchie removal from Magic Beans.
Very good

Wow. This strain is unbelievable... I just smoked two blunts with this and I don't know how I'm managing to write this... I'm literally laying upside down on my couch lol. You know what's crazy? Nobody can ever REALLY know what colors look like exactly. There's no way to see something through another person's eyes. I could be looking at a red stop sign, and I can tell the person next to me that the sign is red, but there's n...

By the end of the joint I renamed myself jack and made friends with some giants. Defiantly a great strain of weed. I give it 5 stars bc it lives up to its name magic.
Very good

๐Ÿ˜‰ Nighty night! ๐Ÿ˜‰