Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist Cannabis Strain

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not that bad.....more of a morning smoke and coffee.
Very good

I didn't know anything about TJ's Mad Scientist; but sure glad I did try something new. This strain was good and effective. I personally got a energy rush similar to a sativa, which got me busy with projects. Got busy doing things. Eventually, the sensations mellowed and a sweet mellow mood followed. I will try this again. TJ's Organic Gardens pre-rolled are top shelf quality.
Very good

My experience is with TJ's Mad Scientist, which is organically grown in Oregon. This is, at this time, my favorite strain on the planet! It smells soooo good and is very strong. The feeling is extremely whole body and leaves me feeling very relaxed but still alert and happy! I am learning that buying just based on THC content is not necessarily the way to go, as the trichome development, and cannabinoids and terpenes within,...
Very good

Crisp, refreshing and focusing
Very good

beautiful bud. very relaxing, both mind and body

This one is a first rate bomb. Very uncomfortable pressure headache similar to headband which I also detest. Zero pain relief. Made me drowsy enough to eventually pass out. But by then what difference does it make? Still in severe body pain and now my head feels like shit thanks to this studebaker of strains. I sincerely mean no offense to its advocates. I just don't know how else to say it. Fuck this one. Never again.
Very good

The Herijuana side of Mad S put me in a really mellow mood, and made watching Game of Thrones really intense. Finally lulled me into a a nice sleep. My mind wandered a bit as I tried to sleep as it does with anything that has even a trace of Sativa in it, and It did give me a slight headache, but overall very good night time strain.
Very good

It's real Mad Scientist ... It's cool sonofabitch! For real though if you want to really de-stress at the end of the day, this is a winner. Be warned -- it's damn strong. This indica don't play! If you smoke this make no immediate plans.
Very good

at the stem

phenomenal strain but LEAFLY HAS THE GENETICS WRONG