M-39 Cannabis Strain

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Bought some two weeks ago.. Deeply regret it.. It gave me extremely intense panic attacks every time I smoked it... I don’t get it since I’m a smoker since like 5 years now and no other strains mad me react that much.. Anyways if you have anxiety I wouldn’t suggest.

not very strong in taste smell or high, would not suggest.
Very good

Not from Canada myself, first time trying for anxiety. My flower is frosty af and flavorful. Gets the edge off easily but I don't get a really recreational high, more of a comfort and well-being high.

I'm from Québec, and here for us M-39 is the cheapest weed you can buy here, the strains is very not strong, but easy to smoke outside by the sun. M-39 is ritually friendly high and the taste is good. Easy to smoke a QP on a week tho (*_*)

I am from Montreal. We will say the California of Canada, whereas BC would be the Colorado!! We get amazing weed / hash / edibles down here and I smoke only AAAA and I will gladly pay up to 180$ per ounce of HIGH quality exotic strains. I wouldn't even buy an ounce of M39 for 100$. The first few years of my "medicating" life I only smoked M39. Durring the years from 03 - 07 ish it was everywhere, everyone had it. You would f...

So sick of this strain. Basically the only kind of weed you can buy locally in every town in eastern Canada. Sad. Looks alright but doesn't do the trick
Very good

This stuff is some really good shit and it hit me hard and lasted about 2.5 hours this surprisingly didn't give me a head ache and tasted earthly

Dry mouth, barely any high comes out of it. Very cheap weed. Worst strain ever.
Very good

Amazing bedtime strain. I will smoke two bowls and will be ready for bed. I also got amazing sleep after smoking this strain.

This is a common strain in Montreal. It comes two ways: finish poorly (common) & finish well (uncommon) M-39 is very dense strawberry shaped nuggets with no distinct marijuana odour. Smells a bit like black tea. Medium green, lots of reddish brown hairs. Tastes a bit peppery, and mellow if done right. Problem is M-39 is often grown in a rush, as they want a cheep product that matures fast. The growers rush the last 10 da...