LSD Cannabis Strain

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My day job is dancing around town in my wheelchair. Weed helps with many things, including my dance attitude. I just smoked. I definitely could go out dancing, but even crazy, dancing cripples have to do boring stuff, like clean house. I have MS. My pain has been replaced by a tingling feeling. There is a lot of tingling in my legs, come to think of it. I haven’t experienced any spasms since getting stoned. Mentally, I’m...

Be careful! "LSD" is not just a funny name. Used a one-hitter ONCE and had a very unpleasant three hours with borderline hallucinations.
Very good

I have been running LSD for 4 crops now. Truely one of the best yet. Smells amazing everytime I am in bloom. Extremely sticky. Energetic buzz stimulates thinking . Would love to share pics
Very good

Amazing stuff; we laughed our ass off on this one. Deffo recommendation
Very good

PSA: All Highs are subjective and unique to each consumer It was as if all the colours, glossy and limned in the slanting morning light, almost manicured, weren’t the shouting, leaping, spinning products of photons streaming from the sky’s piercing blue dome, but were in fact illuminated by alien internal processes. By then I hadn’t even pressed the point of my windproof lighter to the end of my pre-roll. I was sitting th...
Very good

I watched a good friend of mine grow this awesome strain from the earliest stages as it grew and matured I knew this was special. it took several weeks for this strain to come out in circulation it needed time to cure properly, but when it did I was completely ok with it, as this bud was possibly one of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen! or tasted, it has a very sweet fruit flavor, and it is definitely sticky icky ...
Very good

This one helped me!

This strain is sooooooo worth the hype! Okay, so I left an earlier review today, but that was within the first two hours of partaking of this glorious strain. The taste was a treat to my mouth and reminded me of the lemonheads I had as a child (the hard ones, not the new chewy ones). The smell at grinding was more super sour altoids, but the exhale of my vape, super sweet and tangy. Yumm. The next thing I noticed was a sup...
Very good

I'm not actually sure if LSD stands for Lemon Sour Diesel or not, but they are both pretty strong in citrus and earthy tones. Smells like lemon rinds in the compost, tastes that way as well.
Very good

Definitely a unique strain!