Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I was hitting my pipe in the shed at my house, filled Love Potion #9. This strain is amazing, It took away all my stress after one bowl. I then walked inside after smoking that one bowl and realized that the power went out. So I entertained myself for an hour and a half waiting for the power to come back on. I even did some productive activities for a few minutes. One example is that I folded my laundry and put it away. I re...
Very good

Pureweedexpress introduced me to this strain and it's now my favorite! Euphoric! Energizing! Is the way I describe it. Noticed after running out of my regular Jack Herrer didn't give me the munchies!
Very good

Ridiculous. Best.
Very good

This sweet lady got my heart pumpin' and put me in a GREAT mood. If you're dealing with anxiety and/or depression, Love Potion #9 might prove to be helpful. In spite of the fact that Leafly's Strain Highlights recommends it for evening use, I wouldn't say that this strain slowed me down too much. To the contrary, I'd say that it gave me a certain lift. "Highly" recommended.
Very good

Delicious, it definitely lives up to it´s name. A sweet pungent aroma which wisps the user into a glowing euphoria and then settles down to a nice indica high.
Very good

Great evening use.
Very good

Got the oil version made me nod out and I have a sky high tolerance. Loved it watched a nirvana concert and chilled hard couch lock but feelings of euphoria would definitely buy again along with strain black sugar rose both great for the indica counissuer
Very good

Love potion # 9 very rare to find.Very very light taste and smoke nice sweet honey/bubblegum/rose taste. Nice even bodied Indica used during the day. Had couple of year's ago rare treat to find.

gave me the worst headaches of my life.. never again
Very good

I liked