Locomotion Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Let’s just say this is a very calm bud, strong scent however. Smoke a gram and you might find yourself in dreamspace or somewhere similar. Euphoria is strong here.
Very good

Exceptional high. It’s more of a hybrid strain though starts out sativa then kinda trickles into more of an indica dominant couch-lock strain. Great for a night in if you feeling like relaxing, great for activities like watching a movie/tv or gaming. Flavor is likened to a very potent sour d aroma with a sweet earthy flavor upon exhale. Overall it’s a very potent strain with a nice flavor like I said earlier, also something ...

Not the heaviest Indica but a big joint will knock you out. Decent flavor mostly earthy.
Very good

Wonderful strain!
Very good

one of my new favs, chooo chooooo!
Very good

Locomotion Uplifted Farms Cut 22 % steal for the price picked up 8 grams of Fire aged to perfection. 7 leaf Collective OR. Smell of sour, diesel, mango, and very sour oranges with a hint of kiwi. Taste diesel, earthy, tropical fruit pineapple that linger's on your tongue which is mouthwatering.You want to smoke more. High lasted couple of hour's helped take away lingering shoulder pain cleared out and depression.Very nice ...
Very good

I enjoy it very mellow
Very good

Tastes great mellow lasting effects very relaxing great price at Burlingame Nector collector

Just bought a bit of this tonight... its actually Jillybean. Thats ok though. They name it whatever and Ill smoke it however :).
Very good

it relaxes the body and makes me giggle at everything ...then the tiredness sets in also get munchied the f*** out.