Liquid Butter

Liquid Butter Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Tried this strain for the first time today and I am very impressed. Amazing Indica body high and very happy thoughts. Definitely one of my new favorite indica's. Novice users proceed with caution but enjoy smoking!
Very good

Nice Indica here. What really stands out is the taste of this one. It’s incredibly sweet, and that’s even smoking from a RAW paper. Effects are nice OG. 4 stars
Very good

What I'm looking for deep indica color bright orange hairs. Nugs dense too!
Very good

bye bye anxiety and pain. Great fibromyalgia helper.
Very good

Great taste. Smooth asf 😊
Very good

I definitely highly recommend this strand kind of like a end of the week type of stranded on a smoke
Very good

Potent, Amazing on the nose, if you're into smells..strong Pine scent.Definite appetite booster
Very good

Effects set in strong and fast, but don't last too long. Overall I'd say I give it 4/5. Definitely recommend!

OMG OMG OMG !!!!! This strain is the dank of all dank 1 hit and your already feeling it. We pulled it out at party and we had 7 people high as f*** on 3 bowls and those people are all daily smokers. This strain is beautiful on every level smell taste look everything I will never not get this when my med shop puts it on the menu this is the dank dank kill gas of all time 1 of all 100000 strains
Very good

This strain is by far the most exceptional strain i have ever had the pleasure of smoking. My friend and I smoked this yesterday and i am still in awe. The taste is smooth and rolls off the tounge like butter. The high itself was phenomenal. Absolutely astounding. The effects also kick in extremely fast. By the exhale you already have a beautiful headchange