Lime Sorbet

Lime Sorbet Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Cresco created a masterpiece with this strain; HOLY TERP PROFILE - Limonene for days! The look, the smell, and the taste of Lime Sorbet budder makes this strain a treat for the senses. Mentally, this is a very relaxing indica that isn't too sleepy; this high that I'm feeling is one marked by happiness, coziness, and introspectiveness. If you have the chance to grab this, do yourself a favor and do so. Enjoy!
Very good

If you like Bubba Kush, you will love Lime Sorbet. Heavy hitting Indica from the B.K., but the lime tones it down making it very pleasurable. The taste is minty lime-ish with a bubble gum after-taste, the smell is like a McDonald's Shamrock Shake. Amazing strain for those with a high tolerance! Instant hitting body high with some euphoria.
Very good

Picked up some of this sauce from Cresco, the taste is absolutely unreal. Obvious lime taste paired with a sweetness like a desert. This strains perfect for dealing with stress, and relaxing your body. The Lime Skunk sativa parent prevents this from being a total knock out for me.
Very good

Best strain of oil I’ve ever had so far wish I could have the chance to thenk the good people at cresco for this one nice relaxing high with a outstanding flavor that lasts a good few hours overall 10/10
Very good

I love all of cresco yeltrah’s amazing weed, and this wants to make me write them a love letter. I look forward to smoking this all day and it tastes amazing! It makes me feel so relaxed and carefree.
Very good

VERY VERY NICE JOB DONe WITH THIS STRAIN!!! CRESCO has a winner her especially for those who go for flavor.Its like a Long Island Iced Tea though ya think your smoking lime then IT HITS YA!!!! This was a nice strain,bit I think I smoked to much to fast the first I can tel, ya this 10 hits = COUCH LOCK n the sad part is 6 of those hits weren’t needed. This is a nice strain to work away pain, but l8ke I said you can e...
Very good

Cresco Reserve Lime Sorbet - First is the lime taste really nice and not overpowering. Has a strong heady high which makes your head a heavy bowling ball 🎳 It does help with stress and anxiety and as time goes on it creeps and gets stronger. It has a euphoric feeling behind it all and really relaxes the body. Went in with a headache and anxiety and slowly after my dab my headache begins to diminish and my anxiety almost ful...
Very good

It's the taste of lime that hits you first...then a rush of adrenaline and shortly after full body comfort....If you ride out the sedation it turns into an alert full body paralysis....not a daytime strain....but not necessarily a knock out indica but very smooth..
Very good

I got some concentrate from Solevo and this does wonders on my neck and back pain
Very good

A delightful yang to Lime Skunk's yin, Cresco's Lime Sorbet is highly body-focused, making for sublime intimate times. These chunky, frosty, emerald buds belong in a museum, but one waft of the mouth-watering key lime scent and you'll go to Nicolas Cage-ian lengths to score and protect this strain. As part of the grower's Reserve line, it comes in upscale, UV-proof glass packaging to keep its contents in pristine condition. ...