Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It was an amazing experience

Cheap strain, weird high

My new favorite for sure it makes me super happy like I’ve never felt before
Very good

Lemon Haze excellent for daytime

Relaxed, focused, productive and happy. Amazing. I cleaned all day today and did so much around the house all while cooking and tending to the kids. Great for depression. Loved the creative juices. Now one of my favorites!!!
Very good

Hits hard but shi I get super tired after and fall asleep.
Very good

This strain is super potent. Produced a strong cerebral high that lasted 3’1/2-4hrs; dispensary tested at 20.1% thc, 1.4% cbd. Beautiful nug structure, dense, resiny, and pungent. Smells like lemon with earthy undertones. One of the strongest strains I’ve had, go slow and see how you feel after each hit.
Very good

I have the Lemon Haze Oil. I would recommend. It’s really good for the day!!

This has been left behind by some of the better hybrids. It is uplifting and has a nice mellow Indica backbone, but it doesn’t do anything remarkable. It’s solid, straight down the middle, good but not great. Amnesia H is happier, Sour OG gets you way higher, GSC is more powerful… the list goes on. There are just too many better hybrids out there.
Very good

Another decent sativa. Nothing really stands out about this particular strain to me other than the smell of lemon. A generally motivating strain without much anxiousness. I probably wouldn't get it again just for the simple reason that there are so many other strains to try and this one was just an average strain to me.