Legend OG

Legend OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Patients who have tried Legend OG say its a perfect choice for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. They also really enjoy the relaxing and uplifting effects from this flower. The buds are small, neon green and full of orange hairs that are covered in crystal trichomes. The flavor and aroma is very fruity, citrusy, and a little earthy.

This is some HIGH GRADE GAS, if you’re looking to get faded with some homies than this is for you😉
Very good

New favorite strain!! Helps when I need to sleep(in daytime due to working overnights) and also helps the pain from a pulled muscle!!!
Very good

This strain is A+ if you’re looking for some Z’s or munchies! I use honeycomb clear cartridges and the taste of this strain is just delightful.
Very good

Man just the name “LEGEND” alone should stick out at you. It is truly the barer of its name.. wonderful smoke all the way around.. I’m just mad that I only had 5 grams left on my card, but that’s all right I got half ounce back today!!! Yea!! Lol .. Legendary O.G is at the top of my indica line!!🔥🔥💯👌🏾💪🏾
Very good

Such a beautiful flower! The relaxation effects sneak up and lasts a long while. I'm glad to have found this strain
Very good

A great , heavy strain. Perfect for night time when you have no plans. Smoke enough and your mind will shut down all of your worries and you’ll go for a fun body high ride.
Very good

As a person who enjoys a nice indica this strain is a favorite so far. The sedating and relaxed effects are complimented with a euphoric feeling as well. The pungent taste consumes your mouth after exhale with a smooth fruity undertone.
Very good

Enjoy this strain....I like the relaxation and calmness I get from this' Will definitely make your eyes heavy. In a very cool way.

Love it. I have an Autoimmune Disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis, anxiety+panic attacks, insomnia and migraines. Although it doesn't help with the migraines, but it does ease the Chronic pain a lil bit. It gives my body a numb feeling, helps my anxiety and helps me sleep. Overall, I like how it makes me relaxxed.