Lee Roy

Lee Roy Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I got some diamonds from raw garden when I was in California. Amazing extract but I still think the strain itself is something special. From head to toe you're totally slammed. I wish I could find this in Washington

Very Strong first time smoking, after several uses very appealing, energy, alertness, creative, appetite. Great flavor, and aroma.

Best feeling I’ve had in a while 👏🏽👏🏽💯
Very good

Very nice. fast acting ,calming, pain, stress killer. I'm totally relaxed. Tastes amazing..
Very good

This strain is great! After the first hit, I was instantly not stressed out anymore. I felt calm for the first time in weeks. It doesn’t make me drowsy or make me feel lazy like other Indica’s. My pain is mostly gone, but I also feel like being productive. Having said that, I agree with the statement “it should be classified a Sativa hybrid.”.
Very good

Smooth clear.. 👍👍
Very good

I love it.. But you are listing it as Indica Hybrid. A couple of reviews cite other sources and list an analysis that indicates Sativa. I took it before bed and stayed up all night solving the problems of the world. My internal dope meter points strongly to the Sativa side. May NOT cause drowsiness ... (lol) .. its great for body pains and wonderful for depression -- calming, uplifting and euphoria... Perhaps Leafl...
Very good

New England Treatment Access (NETA) Lee Roy: Batch 133 TAC: 25.1% THC-A: 22.2% THC: 1.4% CBD-A:0.1% CBG-A: 1.0% CBG: 0.3% NETA lists this flower as a hybrid/Sativa which contradicts Leafly and Allbud as they both state Indica hybrid. Dark forest green with dark orange pistils, nice coating of fine white trichomes. Smells of forest or woodsy with notes of pepper as well. Tastes of peppercorn and slight pine pull throu...
Very good

went to Colorado for 420 and went to pick this up from a dispensary, smoked a blunt and it became my all time favorite strain. Best sleep one can get with this strain.
Very good

Loved this one! I’m not usually an indica smoker but I bought some of this shake today. Ok, we all know shake is weaker than prime bud, but this was a real good deal and a great high... and I have been smoking Chem Dawg for the last week... would definitely purchase more...