Krishna Kush

Krishna Kush Cannabis Strain

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I struggle with anxiety and insomnia. I asked the the budtender to recommend a good indica that would put me in a coma. Krishna did not disappoint. This is my new favorite strain for sleep. No negative side effects!
Very good

Good body high. Definitely makes me pretty sleepy. Very quick onset. Seems to be cumulative. :) But seriously, It is a good strain, just makes me a little spacey out of it.
Very good

Bought this to have strictly when im in pain and it does its job. Good body high and not a hard come down.
Very good

amazing taste and i slept like a baby!! definitely a favorite bed time smoke!
Very good

Currently growing from seed purchased at the bud depot. Great genetics can wait for it to be ready
Very good

I have been looking for a strain that does not make you anxious or paranoid. Krishna has a reasonable sedative effect if your looking for something sleep inducing this is it. I would consider this near perfect as far as what I would consider negative side effects
Very good

I visited Helping Hands in Boulder back in May and I am still beaming over their bud. I live several hours away but I am going to make a trip later this fall to grab some more Krishna Kush and some seeds. I sampled 5 different strains. They were all spectacular with the best terpene profiles I have experienced in Colorado. The Krishna Kush absolutely floored me. Very unique narcotic buzz that lasted in my body for hours. Nev...
Very good

Dank!! Worth the drive. The have the best selections available!! Always satisfied!!
Very good

This is easily my favorite indica in Colorado. Helping Hands Herbals hit it out of the park with Krishna Kush. This strain combines two of my favorite strains. The medicinal benefits from the Gupta Kush mixed together with the heavy sedating effects from the Lavender strain creates a formidable nighttime medicine for any level of consumer. It's a fantastic strain for anyone who wants help sleeping or needs help relaxing afte...