Kobain Kush

Kobain Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Got that sweet kush flav. All you need is a few puffs to get right. I’ll grab this strain anytime I can find it.
Very good

Nice smell, easy smoke, starts as body buzz and turns into a heavy cerebral high. Fluffs nicely once grinded up!
Very good

Great for sleep and listening to music! I feel like I’m hearing new instruments every time I repeat the same song. Got me a bit hippity horned up unexpectedly and needed to bust out old reliable. Had some of the soundest sleep I’ve had in a while and nice to use when you have a day off tomorrow.

Headache is real, but relaxed for sure, my eyes are really red. But like I’m high so

Very relaxing and gradual high, watching rick and morty on this stuff was probably the best thing to do.
Very good

indica that almost feels like a sativa but with a strong body high, tastes great, has hints of pepper and sour. overall this is a great strain

I give this strain a strong 3 (so like a 3.8). For me, the effects were very soothing and relaxing and I was able to ease in to a nice sleep. However, this plant doesnt have the best taste or nose to it. If you are looking for an enjoyable smoke, I would suggest finding a different Kush. But if you are looking for a prototypical indica effect, you'll find it here.

For me, this strain is so phenomenal it feels like my brain is being blown out the back of my head.

Definitely a top shelf strain. Trichome content is amazing. Great for pain relief and relaxing. I have constant chronic pain and can't sleep well. This strain helps me get some sleep and eases the pain for a while. Gives me an appetite too. Overall a really good strain.
Very good

Hit hard and fast. A bit anxious for me but also exciting, tactile, horny. Good pain med at first, not long lasting and after a day lost it's magic.