King's Kush

King's Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

very relaxing, puts me to sleep within an hour of vaping it.

The effects of the body are really strong. It had hallucinogenic affects on me—felt things there that weren’t, felt like sometimes inanimate objects were talking. So it all sounds fun, right? But I think because I have social anxiety and already have a tendency to feel paranoid at night, this wasn’t good for the cerebral effects it had on me. I felt very paranoid and felt that things were there that were not. Ladies—especia...
Very good

His Majesty has dense, dark buds tinted with royal purple. The King delights the senses with his sweet flavor and aroma. The King's Royal Edict to relax will be impossible to resist. Long Live the King!
Very good

A little goes a long way with the King. Being an indica with THC as high as 20%, this makes for an extremely potent and enjoyable high. I ease into a gentle but strong feeling of euphoria and deep thought and then it sends me to space. Long lasting, you don't need to smoke much at all to feel its full effects. My new favourite indica.
Very good

Be Prepared to Melt into the couch. This one I like when I’ve had one of those days where nothing went right. After a nice meal sit on the couch and get the Netflix rolling. Settle in to the deep effects of this indica. She’s gentle cerebrally, but your body will feel warm and relaxed. I really love this strain.
Very good

Amazing strain for relaxation!

Nothing too amazing but not to be ignored either. It delivers an effect of intense relaxation and calms down the body. Clears head. Pretty nice vibe for bedtime. Body feels like butter, so anyone with pains should definitely consider this.
Very good

Sweet strain, nothing relatively exceptionnal. Gets you in goood mood for starting the day! :)
Very good

Royalty shit right here
Very good

My Buds are grape sweet an sour no menthol aroma. Please change the favor an effect about this strain cause they are wrong