Katsu Bubba Kush

Katsu Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is one of my all time favorite strains along side Cresco Cookies aka GSC... I love Katsu Bubba over Pre 98 Bubba no questions asked... Great for bed time or anythime if your a Indica fan like myself! 5 stars and then some beautiful nugs with outstanding smell and taste. Perfection
Very good

This is one of My favorite strains. It's super relaxing. It gets me on couch lock. You can lay down and watch a movie and stay awake. Or if you wanted to nap you could. Cresco did a great job with the buds. They are covered in frosty white crystal. Some of the buds have a little bit of purple through them so they are rewlly nice to look at. This is best for bed. It really relaxes you. For sure recommend to indica fans.
Very good

Strain looks intense; Super chrystally and smells potent! A good bed time smoke.
Very good

Source: Beyond Hello. Method: Vaporization (Volcano: 192-204c). Look: Handsome flower; Intensely green with longer orange hairs, covered with crystally trichomes. Smell: Welcoming aroma; Pungent and slightly fruity. Taste: Enjoyable flavor; Sweet and yummy although has a slight bit of harshness. Effect: Nice and mellow Indica, but potent. High comes on quickly, hits strong for an hour, then keeps you relaxed for hours. ...
Very good

Really great strain. Beautiful flower with deep purple tones. Definitely a great Indica. Very few side effects.
Very good

Good end of day strain. Great for pain relief.
Very good

Katsu gets 2 thumbs up, way up! A perfect end of the day strain. Tastes and smells great, full-bodied, flowery taste. A heavy body relaxation is joined by a very fun cerebral high. I had that heavy, pleasant, can't move feeling, well not really "can't move", but more along the lines of "why bother moving" feeling. I really dug it. Plus it helped me sleep. The pain relief and muscle relaxation was strong enough to let me fall...
Very good

This is not a double revie the first was a Vaped Concentrate this is a Cresco Fresh Flower. As expected Cresco gives ya very nice nuggets..about 4 big ones n 3 smaller, very fresh citrusy smell...very nice buds covered in deep n bright green with orange, red, hairs n white crystals adorn it like Christmas lights. Cresco IMO has some of the nicer bud..even with some brands using words like Premium, Choice, Cresco has its Rese...

Where to begin....This my friends is so far my favorite strain released in the Pennsylvania program. Fell in love from the first moment I cracked open my Cresco bottle. Sweet and velvety aromas just overwhelm the pallet. Once you hit this donkey, that's where the magic begins. I used this medicine to quell some muscle spasms, it also stopped an oncoming migraine dead in its tracks. Honestly though, I wouldn't ne...
Very good

Patients who have tried Katsu Bubba Kush say its great for treating a variety of conditions such as insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, chronic pain, and even depression. This flower has thick noticable frosty trichomes all throughout and a dark green color. The flower of KBK has a strong herbal taste with a touch of grape and berries. The smell is fruity and earthy with a strong herbal aftertaste thats pretty enjoyable.