Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Another special from the goodie bag of strains, smoked this before work its a nice calm one and does knock you out.

Kandy Kush from Revoultion is a strong herbal oil. I don't usually go for oils that taste and smell like cannabis because I prefer discreet medication. However, Kandy Kush really captures the natural flavor and aroma of cannabis. The effects are strong relaxation, calming, and removal of anxiety. This is a reliable oil that takes effect rapidly and allows me to transition from fatigue into regular drowsiness so that I can sl...
Very good

Delightful smell and taste!
Very good

Love this Except I can't get up. 🙄 Omg and everything is so funny.
Very good

Beautiful frosty and dense nugs, with a sweet earth smell. Powerful relaxed body high hits almost immediately like being covered in a blanket. My back pain is subsided, dreamy and anxiety free high. An indica dominant strain that I’m not afraid to partake in during the morning or before work or errands. Although too much left me slightly anxious or couch locked. 4.25/5
Very good

Relaxing, Happy, Fuzzy High. Does not taste as sweet as it smells, but still has a strong flavor.

Just picked up an ounce of Kandy and GG#4 today. GG will always be my favorite for now but this Kandy Kush is amazing. The taste is easily #1 for me. Tastes exactly like fruity pebbles. My indoor grown is covered in deep green and purple buds and covered in brown hair. The high is very euphoric, (coming from the OG Kush) would recommend this top shelf buy to anyone

High impact indica high
Very good

I feel super tingly😂 I ripped my bong like 5 times and I’m feeling nice rn 😄
Very good

this strain comes on fast and hard! I experience a little paranoia for about 10 to 15 minutes once it starts to kick in. But once you settle in for the ride it's smooth sailing.... like drifting through the clouds on a magic carpet. don't let the numbers fool you with this one, mine is 13% THC but will wreck your face 😉