K-Train Cannabis Strain

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Idk but I’m high asf on this and it’s amazing I love how it’s making me feel so happy I really recommend this strain

WARNING: CLEAN YOUR PIPE BEFORE BLAZING THIS. THIS ISH IS TOO DELICIOUS NOT TO. On the serious side of things, though,the citrusy of this strain is delicious. I enjoy trying to taste the strain and see if my taste buds are aligned with leafly's, and I think the citrus-like taste of K-Train is one of the most obvious ones out there. So good. The mental buzz is good aswell. Helps me concentrate and work a while or play music....
Very good

Outdoor growing 2016 swiss mountains: Very healthy Plants, good quantity and A really fine taste Peace from Switzerland! ✌🏻
Very good

I love the pain relief without the crash. I don't know why it's categorized as an indica because it is definitely a hybrid. anyway, great strain overall

Fire citrus smooth great product. South Coast is the best!!!!!
Very good

A soft, almost sweet taste, with the aroma of fruits with a woody aftertaste K-Train hits quickly. It's equal parts relaxing and energizing. I feel it first in my fingers and my nose, a slow, warming feeling that seeps throughout the whole body, before settling like a circle around your brain. It's perfect for a good movie with family or an engaging candlelight conversation with your spouse before heating things up in the b...
Very good

It gave me a really, really happy high. Definitely one of my favourites.
Very good

An amazing strain! Has a great taste. The kush itself is nice and compact. Let me give you and example: 1:Rolled up 2: went outside 3:didn't get home 4:wanted more 5:repeat
Very good

Wow! Your going to be duct taped to the couch with this strain but keep some kind of drink handy because your going to wake up with some mean cotton mouth. If you can find it, buy it! You won't be disappointed. I'm old and falling apart and I can still get a good nights sleep, great MMJ.
Very good

Easy to grow, huge harvests. As the genetics imply, it's a train wreck that is more stony because of the kush. Very smooth relaxing, heavy, but not too heavy.