Jupiter OG

Jupiter OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

this strain is amazing. I deal with a few chronic pain issues, and had 2 back surgeries this year. I went to a concert in September and took a preroll with me... best time ever!!! If you love indica this is definitely an exceptional strain
Very good

Perfect heavy hitter for a good night sleep
Very good

Wow -- if you read my review of Mars OG then think of Jupiter OG as a much more intense/potent version. Super! Soothing relief but clear head. A+
Very good

This is one of those indicas that you smoke and can go out and still be active. Your thoughts can get a little spacey and you will zone out but overall a nice throughout the day and late night smoke.
Very good

Hell yeah, floating through space feeling good BIG time! Good taste, awesome burn, and beautiful buds. Wow, for sure!
Very good

Very calming and uplifting, great terpene profile!

I love this strain for nighttime, as it helps relax my muscles and give me a general feeling of relief of aches and pains and just a general good feeling/body high. Very pleasant and relaxing for sure!
Very good

fantastic exactly as described.
Very good

I tried this strain with my girl because she came from out of town to visit me and caught me on the tail end of a 7 day work week and I was hurting something awful and she insisted to explore. We went to the Reef and copped this and it was exquisite. The high smacked our asses like a pound of bricks from the heavens, very heavy, if overdosed, results in high levels of fatigue and lethargy, but at least you'll be happy
Very good

Any problems that you may face or challenges, they become so minuscule once you inhale this strain. My favorite strain used to be Paris OG, but now hands-down is Jupiter OG