Jillybean Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Love, love,love it! This is an exceptional strain that takes away so much anxiety and pain. This is definitely one I enjoy in the evening to help me relax.

I did NOT enjoy this strain AT ALL. Sunmed's Jilly Bean made me feel extremely over-stimulated [all of a sudden] not too long after smoking a normal, typical amount I would usually smoke in a sitting. I mean, I got REALLY uncomfortable; this has been my VERY 1st negative experience with any form of bud. It really caught me off-guard. Very quickly after finishing my smoke sess, I began feeling rushes of cold, tingles, warmth...
Very good

Taste great but didnt do much for me. More of a head high. Nice mellow high. Can get throught the day no couch lock.
Very good

Not bad relax and fun
Very good

Last bunch of stuff I got before legalisation... My guy said it was really alike my all time fav - Girls Scott Cookies - and it is. Uplifting and calms your soul. I wrote a rap song with my friends on it. Lil Spoon by Lil Spoon.
Very good

Love this!! If you’re looking for energy, you’ll like this. Even better when mixed with Lavender Jack. A great way to start your day!!

My review is more for my fellow lady smokers! I read about this strain and how it was created by a woman for women. So I bought an 1/8th of flower to smoke for pms.. I had tried smoking other strains for cramps but they either made the pain more intense or did not work! This strain takes my cramps away for about 4 hours and depending on how much I smoke I can either continue my day or go to sleep. Highly recommend keeping a ...
Very good

I thought in Spanish Got kind of sad thinking about third world countries not knowing or at least not having access to dental floss Then I was being vain and checking myself out in the mirror and found that my right bicep is starting to grow a transparent vain on it it’s an aphrodisiac of some sort, apparently it heightens females libido specifically, strong hybrid effects, would recommend to alleviate anxiety or depression...

Had this bad boy after a very long film shoot, and fuck did it hit me like a train, v strong , v nice , good shit