JGR Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain really makes you feel like you’re sinking into your bed/couch or wherever u are. If you’ve ever smoked blue dream, Jaeger has the same mesmerizing effects. Also you get very giggly.
Very good

Sleep it helps with sleep. Long restful night of sleep. Its been a long time since I have slept 7 hours without waking up. This strain had very tight buds. Helped with eating also. Helped my headaches, joints, muscles also,
Very good

I recently tried this for tendonitis pain and had very good results. The pain was considerably diminished, and although I felt relaxed, this strain didn't make me feel tired or sleepy. It will probably be a favorite of mine for relief from pain and inflammation.
Very good

I know there's some question as to Jager's lineage. The bag I got looked, smelled, tasted, and hit very much like straight Hindu Kush. The buds likely won't win any beauty contests. They are a dark brown-green with ample orange hairs. Smell is earthy; taste is unspectacular. I agree in general with the statement, "body effects are better described as relaxing than sedating." It doesn't bring the couch lock, but it is a ...
Very good

I copped this strain from my little bro. Better than most strains I’ve purchased from the dispensary. Dark green buds with little purple highlights. I feel in that during most of my weed adventures this is a tell-tale sign that this is about to be some fire weed. One half gram blunt had me feeling nice.

Found a good deal at a dispensary and purchased an ounce. Firstly, the smell is incredible. The licorice/diesel smell is heavenly, and I haven't smelled a strain like this before. I have smoked and vaporized this strain and vastly prefer vaporizing. When smoking through a water pipe, I can't help but cough no matter how little I inhale. It feels more like a creative sativa. I do feel a bit of the blue dream effects. I like ...
Very good

Looks pretty with its dark purple coloring, and has a great relaxing effect without locking you down. I'm personally a fan of how it makes you sleepy on the tail end, since I smoke to chill and sleep. Gotta respect this strain tho, take a little too much and it can have some nasty physical effects (REALLY jacked up heart rate, happened to multiple friends after some heavy hits, lead to some anxiety). Lighter sessions will ha...
Very good

If you love indica...rhis is the strain for you...10
Very good

good night weed
Very good