Jesus OG

Jesus OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Jesus take the wheel! Wasnt even 5 minutes after smoking this that I became one with the couch! I had so much pain in my face and legs and after 5 mins I don’t even think I can feel my body anymore. This was crazy strong and better yet, it didn’t trigger ANY panic attack in me! Yahoo...time for a snack and bed for me!
Very good

Best strain I've ever tried across all indicas, hybrids, and sativas. It goes quickly in my area, so I stock up when it's in stock. I use the harmony farms cartridge and am consistently satisfied. I suffer from major depression, agoraphobia, PTSD, etc. (I could go on but I will not) and this helps me get relief and remember what it's like to smile and laugh genuinely. Makes me feel normal. Might just be me, but this truly is...

Yupp. Just moved to Thorton,Colorado. This was the 1st strain I bought. Thought it was weak at first but ooooohhh nooo. This high is very long and it creeps up on you. Will also have you feeling mellow like jello. Jesus OG ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ {Daloy}
Very good

Jesus OG is Top, Top-shelf. Uplifting, clarity, creativity, motivating, fruity and fresh. #1

Head punch with a nice body stone.
Very good

Brand: Moxie THC: 92.36% Form: live resin No matter how many times I let Jesus (OG) into my life, I'm never disappointed. Hilarious I find this was originally labeled a sativa, now an indica. It can perform as either, depending what I need it for. Amazing for pain relief, amazing for nausea, and effects are stoney and last a few hours. I try not to rate strains as 5 stars unless I genuinely mean it. Sure enough, I mean it w...
Very good

The Strain has a wonderful Earth/fruit flavor that leads you down the hall towards a deep relaxing stone where your mind is still free to wander... Loving it.
Very good

Moxie Jesus OG - Hell’s OG x Jack The Ripper 🔥 👀 Badder is my fave ❤️ 92.63% Cannabinoids 😯 let’s go 💥 Ok so flavor wise just took a dab and easily hands down my favorite tasting Concentrate in PA MMJ Market. Grape and Lemony omg 😮 tasty AF no lie like candy 🍭 💯 . . I feel euphoria almost immediately as I also feel small and a burst of mental energy in a clear mind that is slowly getting mood elevation as well as a n...
Very good

This is a great strain for relaxing and socializing. I have no anxiety and feel very focused.

taste wasn’t that smooth