Jericho Haze

Jericho Haze Cannabis Strain

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What is Jericho Haze

Jericho Haze in an Indian landrace sativa backcrossed to emphasize and stabilize its attributes, including melon and strawberry aroma's. This with energetic physical effects hit full force. The almost blue buds are nestled in  dark green frosted leaves that display amazing crystal qualities. Depression, nausea and fatigue are all issues that can be helped with this strain. Brainpower is ignited making this a strain that should be avoided if you have issues with paranoia.

Jericho Haze Effect And Attributes

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Happy (100%)
Creative (100%)
Focused (100%)
Energetic (100%)
Hungry (100%)
Earthy (100%)
Chestnut (100%)
Nutty (100%)
Apple (100%)
Strawberry (100%)
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Jericho Haze Flavors

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