Jedi Kush

Jedi Kush Cannabis Strain

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The wife really enjoyed it. She’s still talking about it.
Very good

Instant relief for abdominal pain.
Very good

This strain is great for late night relaxation. Really unwinds you after a long day. I’m currently baked off of it and would definitely recommend.

Pungent, Earthy taste but nice mellow high. I would definitely purchase again.
Very good

Great strain, not as potent as i'd like but I might have a low THC version. I found it made me numb but I had enough focus to read watch a documentary. But couch locked enough to relax. Good for sitting on a porch watching the sun set doing hobbies or just chillin. Cause Chillin is what I always want.

Nice strain for relaxation. The flavor is kind if earthy and a little diesel on the exhale. Not my favorite, but when I need pain relief or sleep this is definitely my go to. ✌
Very good

So far I've only smoked this, but I've decided I'm going to take my Magical Butter machine on its inaugural run with the rest of the bud I have. I'm trying to find a strain for my grandma, who has severe arthritis and COPD, but she can't handle the taste of MMJ in food. The smoke on this is so mild that I'm pretty confident this is one she can handle the taste of in butter... as confident as a n00b can be, at least. Very dec...
Very good

This would be a 5 star strain if it didn't taste like Yoda's asshole. I think everything about this bud is great except the taste. A get stuff done, mellow, who cares, we got this, good high.

Solid Indica. Vape a little before bed and its off to dream land for me. Perfect for insomnia

Man does this strain hit hard. Super sleepy right now, but the pain is gone! I don't get the fuzzy feeling some strains do, but it is more of a body melt feeling. I have crohn's and inflammatory arthritis. I'm using it to quiet my stomach as loo trips are too many. It's also taking away some of pain in my bones.