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Jean Guy Cannabis Strain

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Tabarnak, c bon cte calisse de strain.
Very good

A strain that my uncle once worked on, here in canada. Seriously, one of the best sweet tasting strain i've smoked in 30 years !! The sweetness overcomes the sour side of this amazing pale green and dark green buds, packed with an explosion of thc all over the buds too !!! If someome passes you a joint of JG... don't think, just take a wiff 🤤❤️👌🏻

Ye BON en tbk le Jack Herer.. criss jsuis rendu capable de fonctionner ! et marcher a 100%
Very good

Very uplifting and gave me the energy to get up and go. Definitely good for a wake and bake
Very good

Pretty amazing , i had some from a friend in quebec and i fell off my chair and broke my bong cauz i was too stoned tfo

This is i think tied for my favourite strain. The other being Dinafems Royal Haze. I'm judging this on the merit of, as the previous review states, a functional high. The difference between something that wears you out throughout a day and something that doesn't becomes much more important if you smoke all the time. Beyond that, the taste of this strain is the most mouth watering amazing lemony tangy goodness you've ever sme...
Very good

The best I have found for my Crohn's. Especially nice in small quantities, offers very functional high. Outstanding overall.

Meilleur weed que j'ai fumé à date. Les effets sont incroyables. Je le conseille fortement!
Very good

Very celebral high, one of my favorite strain. Not for amateur lol
Very good

After two bowls of this I can safely say I'm pretty medicated. I'm experiencing a very cerebral high, my mind is running like crazy right now. One thing I found about this strain is that it stinks up my bong like no other strain I've ever had. Overall it's not bad at all! Grab some if you have the chance.