Jawa Pie

Jawa Pie Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great night bud. Good potency, burn and flavor. Just a solid Indica!
Very good

I got this while on special from swell and I have loved it ever since.
Very good

Take a whiff of the madness. One of my favorite strain discoveries of the year straight out of Massachusetts. It has a super sugary smell that greets the nose with pleasantness. The buds are a frosty green and gooey on the inside. I can taste a hint of OG flavor, but the taste is more enduring and weed-y for lack of a better term. High is super relaxed and mellow but clearheaded with limited anxiety. Love it.
Very good

Holy relaxation! Jawa Pie is a strain all about alleviation. Definitely a creeper, it starts to sneak up on you first hitting your body with a warm sense of relaxation. Next the mind starts to wind down and match the same frequency of relaxation as the body, being pure Indica this strain really has no heady effects, more an overall stress release that also unwind's the the tension of anxiety. Shortly after the mind matches t...
Very good

Best Indica strain for pain that I have ever smoked!! Wow!! Half of a joint of this heavenly strain gave me 24 hours of pain relief. Perfect for medical patients seeking muscle relaxation and sedation.
Very good

Picked up a half ounce of Jawa from my family over at Desert Rose Phoenix 🌡🌹 This stuff is great for my back, smells dank af, smokes like a dream and looks like it's dusted with little diamonds of shatter πŸ’₯🌱πŸ’₯ Words don't do it justice and neither does this πŸ“Έ You should really swoop on in and get you some of that before it's all gone πŸ’―
Very good

Love this ! Very nice high and slept like a baby. Best to use is by bong, 2 good bong rips and you are good to go!
Very good

Super mellow strain. Like a heavy GSC. Don't plan any major activities, as the couch will be calling your name. MKes you feel great though; perfectly happy and relaxed.
Very good

excellent for zombie mode. totally relaxed right now. great body high. way dry eyes though.

This strain has a funky smell. The nugs are dense but squishy. Has a good taste and the feeling is relaxed. Not the heaviest indica but it's nice for anxiety.