Ingrid Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Subtly pungent. Love this strain. This properly courts you, holds your hand, wishes you good night, kisses your cheek at the door and sends you to slumberland.

Love this strain, great for relaxing after a long day, just let your worries slip away. I often use it before bed, I get much better sleep. works great for my ptsd
Very good

Instant head high and completely relaxed with no paranoia.
Very good

Great heavy indica effects, just what I was looking for! Haven’t smoked for a few days and went and got some of this strain so I got the full effects of this strain and goddamn it was good. Greenway medical did a great job with this one. Tested 5.5% Limonene, 2.9% b-Caryophyllene, 7.3% b-Myrcene and 21.5% THC. The high level of Myrcene let’s you relax, especially if you get anxiety from smoking. and almost enhances the body ...

Worst strain I've ever smoked. Made me feel like I'd been shot with thorazine. Experienced intense shivering. Best part was coming down/to. This weed is garbage. Avoid.
Very good

One of my favorite strains. I use it regularly for sleep and pain relief and it's a lifesaver. Couldn't recommend it enough! Be warned though, it's got quite a punch. Definitely not yo mama's weed.

Ingrid is a heavy Indica. Great for pain and sleep, two hits knocks me down for the count.
Very good

🧀🍮 Ingrid is an awesome indica with a unique and pungent aroma. It reminds me of a Skunk nibbling on a wheel of Parmesan Cheese in a custard filled bakery. So disgusting yet unusually appealing with such a sweet funk. I love this strain. It has a nice smooth hit and immediately you feel it's relaxing effects. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a unique indica. Good Chemistry hit the nail on the head with ...

Dank bud. Smells disgustingly like a good cheese but if you smoke fore medicinal purposes you should be able to overlook that, as it is an indica power house. Daytime use may cause laziness.
Very good

Great strain right before bed when you can't sleep or are just achy after a long days work. Great high doesn't last to long but the come down is just relaxing and makes your eyes slowly close into a peaceful night's rest