Incredible Bulk

Incredible Bulk Cannabis Strain

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Very good

very nice
Very good

Love this stuff, it makes you relaxed but so unfocused. It is a fun ride that can be enjoyed alone or with someone else. It makes you want to smoke more and more.
Very good

This is good! Nice peaceful relaxing & kinda trippy. Gave me that someone just wrapped a warm blanket around me kinda feeling :) I plan on watching Alice in wonderland in a bit, that should be fun in my current state ;) Definitely recommended🌺
Very good

Incredible bulk was awesome thank u for having the best deals on them trees ... roll it puff puff and pass that round and round like a merry go round ..
Very good

Bought some of this yesterday had a little blunt and i was sho ked how strong it was! Was laying there staring at a wall for ages!would definately reccomend if you can get your hands on it!
Very good

A night ender, puts you to sleep in a great mood. Big buds, ok taste, kinda earthy.

💥💪As the name implies this beauty packs some incredible bulk in the size of flowers and density. Strong indica with a skunky dank berry flavor and smell🤗! Incredibly nice for the price.💥💪 I'd say good for everything from hunger to sleep or any evening activities, great strain 🖒
Very good

Not terrible, but not the best. A good standard though for "good weed". The batch i encountered had very small but dense and crystally popcorn type bud sizes. Smelled nice but not strong, looks nice and has a decent bottom end buzz to a good high. Definitely a joint or blunt weed from what i'm encountering, you'll just want a bit more than average bowl full to get where you want to go.
Very good

Incredible Bulk"s OK. I'm pretty baked but had a 300mg edible, I did 3 dabs of IB and I feel a heavy body buzz, I'm even fighting to keep my eyelids open. Keep an eye out for my 2nd review, it's after I've dabbed the whole half gram. I can hopefully give more of an accurate description in the second review. So sleepy....
Very good

Yyummy taste. fruity. great high, mellow, lounge and lazy. Great for pain and discomfort.