Humboldt Dream

Humboldt Dream Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Not sticky, so hard to word with. Super good high, I really like this one.
Very good

Makes me feel like I can drink 10 smoothies of love
Very good

Look specifically for this one after had it the first time good MellowHype but you remain functional smells good taste good is good
Very good

I love trying new strains, this one I've never even heard of. Last night around dinner time I realized I didn't have any night time meds, so began the hunt on Sunday night @ 6pm for a good indica strain. Found one! Humboldt Dream <3. Was a tough choice between Cornbread & HD, I think I made the right one. Form: Shatter 0.5g THC%: 80% Gen: Purple Panty Dropper x Blue Dream Smell 4/5 - Has a very sweet scent almost...berry...
Very good

If you have the option to get this sweet strain don't pass it up. Perfect relaxation and a heavy euphoria and warmth pair well with sativa like buzz of cerebral energy. Great for an afternoon relaxation or late night chill.
Very good

Had some edibles made with this strain that helped immensely with my fibromyalgia pain and my insomnia.
Very good

I like this strain it's has a berry smell to it but I love the fact it's mix with blue dream. overall really good strain makes me feel very relax and euphoric.