Hog's Breath

Hog's Breath Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Shiver & shutter Recovers your mother.... I need a peeler!
Very good

Good pungent strain. Great high.
Very good

Total sleeper strain. It tastes very much like moss... it's an odd, earthy, but yet smooth and consistent flavor. After a nice J, I was faded. It's got a nice kick on the backend. I would have rated higher but the flavor is boring and plentiful.
Very good

Ima heavy smoker. It's what I'm known for. This shit is good I just smoked two joints back to back and I feel good. On some James brown shit. But I just don't want to speak. Just think.
Very good

I just tried Hogs Breath in a preroll. It's 3:30 am and I wanted to get back to sleep. I feel so relaxed and calm, I'd like to stay up a bit and enjoy this because it's so rare with PTSD to feel this way. I gave it 5 stars because it's made me feel the least amount of fight or flight anxiety I've had in awhile. Thank you to the Swine God, bless you πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–
Very good

When properly extracted it smells and tastes like berries! Such a great muscle and mind relaxant, but flower smoke does smell more sour than most, if you can get past that then you've got a great medicinal strain.
Very good

Woooooooo definitely an indica. Went in before knowing the strain name. Extreme couchlock, full body relaxation but, I do feel a little dizzy which is not common to me.
Very good

I personally like this strain because it's calms down my pain on my joints in my hand and I can go out with friends and be socials and talk a lot and it makes them laugh and it makes me laugh so I'd recommend this strain of you have social anxiety and it even works if you have pain it just puts you in a calm and relaxed mood and u just start talking and get creative. This strain is 4/5

The listed effects are spot on. Despite being an indica, I was able to smoke this and walk around downtown denver without feeling hindered mentally or physically. Bought this strain in AZ, and it exceeded the recreational purchases I made in Denver, quality wise.
Very good

was genuinely surprised. got this on a special for 5 a gram. thought I'd only use it as filler to mix w blueberry tangy. ended up being my favorite of the 2. I'd medicate with this again