Herijuana Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Firm sticky medium green buds with tons of crystal trichomes & burnt orange hairs. Tasted & smelled of sweet lemon, pine, & mild skunk. Got great physical sedation from this Indica. Strain cultivated by CCC & contained 21% THC. Herijuana AKA Herojuana.
Very good

Hands down some of the best weed I have ever smoked. It’s got a unusual smell and taste which you get to enjoy really fast but hits you hard like a ton of bricks. It’s a relative to the head stash strain so it hits you hard upstairs in the head and leaves you couch locked. Not a good strain if you got a busy day. Best for night times or lazy days. I’m bi-polar & few other things to and I find this strain provides you relief ...
Very good

I really wish this strain was more popular. I rolled this in an orange zig zag and it was probably the best joint ive ever tasted and the high is incredible. Its an indica, but it doesnt make me sleepy at all. Top 3 strand for me easily. Probably number one at the moment. If you see this at a dispensary i recommend trying it. 💯

I highly enjoy this strain, even though it's not the most potent Indica I've smoked (this batch is only at 14.14% THC.) The buds I got in this batch are all pretty small, none bigger than a quarter in size but they're all dense as hell. The buds themselves are mostly triangular shaped with wild little spurts coming out every which way (not a uniform or very pretty look), colorwise they're dark green with tight orange hairs g...

Five stars for anti-insomnia action. Within minutes after vaping I was ready to crash.
Very good

WTF just hit me? Arms are numb from elbows to finger tips. Wife and I vaped, maybe three hits each at 356 degrees. Less than two minutes in and 80% of full impact felt. Both had eye watering laughing spree for about five minutes. Don’t remember what started it but just kept riffing off each other till neither of us could catch our breaths from laughing so hard. I highly recommend Herijuana and I am not a paid spokesperson....

I'm just beginning to use Medical Marijuana for aches and pains along with a sleep aid. The smell is incredibly earthy. The first time I tried it, I took 4 hits from a vape. I was doing some serious tripping. Incredible intense numbness and became very anxious. I could not sleep for 2-3 hours. Backed off to 3 hits, not as intense but still a bit anxious and tired but unable to sleep. 1-2 hits and I can sleep, but not cr...
Very good

Within 15 minutes, the pain in my feet was gone and the arthritis swelling was tempered. Definitely a nice tingly body-high accompanied by a humorous head fog, there is absolutely no anxiety whatsoever. The smell is pine-fresh without the overpowering scent, and has me drooling with each sniff. While I'm not in any rush to start a project, I'm not glued to the coach either. It's the perfect medium. It also took me way longe...
Very good

Total body numbing experience. Mind is floating in a weightless vacuum. What else ya need to know? Invest in Herijuana futures.
Very good

Best freakin ever! Great for insomnia! Makes ya happy! Urban did a great thing with this! Ill be back for more! A+