Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Usually more of a Sativa fan but this strain is impressive. Not too tiring while buzzed. Very fun. The come down was kind of the brain sluggish ones I’m not a fan of. But really not too bad. Really great for stress. Great for a vacation.
Very good

One of the most fun and memorable highs I've ever had. The flavor on this one was well rounded and smooth, and the effects lasted me through the night and eased me into a rather bizarre grocery shopping trip. Great for social interactions as well!
Very good

this shit helps you through the day for real it just makes everything peacefully
Very good

feelings right now; incredibly relaxed, uplifted, very happy, and feel creative and outgoing. You smoke this strain and you get very lemony earth taste with pine undertones. The high is a slow building high, taking a longer than normal time to hit you, but when it does it hits like a truck. immediately relaxed and incredibly euphoric. it gets stronger over time and eventually it hits you harder than the first. incredible st...
Very good

Received it as a gift from my girl, and it's so sticky, and the trichomes are in full bloom. The high was extremely relaxing and giggly, it tastes fantastic as well.

Nothing bad to say about it. I love the sweet fruity and floral taste. You can definitely feel the influence of the two parents. As a lover of most Purple Kush derivative strains, this does not disappoint. The nugs I got from the store were just beautiful. Thick, chunky buds just caked in amber and lab tested over 25% THC. I grew one myself in a setup side by side with 9# hammer and GSC, and she had the fattest buds an...
Very good

Very nice in bed stuy...

Freakin amazing!! Love it! Gotta try it

Wild ride into oblivion. Smells heavenly. Many chuckles, larfs, chortles and guffaws along the way. Altho a heavy indica hybrid, tried a little before hitting the gym last week and had an excellent workout. From The Human Collective in Portland. 21.68 THC - 0.09 CBD.
Very good

Wow! This bud is super nice and perfect for those looking for medicinal effects. A very heavy hitting indica that has a fruity aftertaste. Gives a great relaxed high, and hits super smooth. Totally recommend this one!!!