Hawaiian Delight

Hawaiian Delight Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smells great!! Does wonders for pain and does not give a paranoid feeling!!
Very good

Probably my favorite strain so far. With my tolerance being so high, it seems like this hit me harder and a lot faster.

Really nice, relaxing high. Makes you feel like you're floating about 3 ft above the ground or like I was in a hammock overlooking the beach in Hawaii. Would be good to use while golfing, on a picnic, barbecuing, boating or just to chill.
Very good

Very good

From someone who smokes a lot everyday, this one didn't fail to deliver my medical needs. Uplifted, heady, productive high overall with a good flavor. Hits you fast and is strong and long lasting. A new fav, only downside is cotton mouth, but that's nothing chai tea can't fix. Something that is a positive and negative is it doesn't give me the munchies like most other strains would.

The taste was pleasant and the first few hits are harsh, but overall this weed was pretty good. Delivers a very strong body stone if you smoke enough, be careful though its not for beginners.
Very good

Cross of Afghan/Skunk/Hawaiian THC level is high. Incredible Afghani Hash smell!!