Hash Plant

Hash Plant Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Much like the hobbits' breakfast and second breakfast, this had high and second high. Was quite relaxed in my head and then second high hit and put it into the body a bit. The euphoria was a smaller part of the high, but that could have been my dose and the fact that it was an edible. The euphoria that was there was heavy and not sparkly/tingly. The afterhigh was pleasant, mostly a heavyish relaxation in the head. Not couchl...

You know when you’re playing Mariocart right? And you are on the rainbow road right? And you’re going flat out like a lizard drinking right? Yeah well that’s where I ended up after blazing this one. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure Wario still haunts my dreams.......
Very good

Love this for sleep
Very good

One of my favorite strains! Relaxing and cheery. Perfect to chill out, feel happy and relaxed. Despite being a high THC strain, there’s no paranoia or anxiety with this one. No racing thoughts or fast heart beats. Very mellow and comforting. Great for anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
Very good

This was a trip the first time I had this strain. It hit me slow and made me smile, a lot. Then I slipped in to a dream state and saw some vivid dreams while sleeping. I woke up 4 hours later and eat a healthy portioned dinner. Aka a lot of spaghetti. But this calmed my anxiety and depression was curbed. Then my insomnia went bye bye. Overall this strain was great for me to chill out and relax and count on a great night sl...
Very good

One of the better strains out there in my opinion. Nice euphoric effects and a delayed hint of spice similar to old school hashhish. Vape oil is a good choice for this one.
Very good

Very good

A exceptional indica. The taste is that of spice/pepper. Nothing harsh however. Doesnt hit immediately on lower dosages. A sigh of relief for those with anxiety. 😏
Very good

Ohhhh Myyyyy it is 1970 again. This strain in appropriately named. It has a deep earthy flavor, a bit strong but short of a cough. I use MJ to treat insomnia and have tried a dozen strains. KOS, PK, GDP all good, Afghani really effective. This HP, just 3 hits and I am striving to stay awake to complete this review. While I am still awake I am enjoying a very deep stone, relaxed, retrospective, anxiety free. It is 1970..........
Very good

Hash Plant hits me almost immediately. It takes away all RLS pain, however I do clench my jaw when I smoke this for whatever reason. It’s best for me at night though because it definitely gives me couch lock. But I get the best sleep ever.