GSC Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Can’t go wrong with GSC ever
Very good

One of my favorites to smoke :) Fire product 100% on point.
Very good

One of my personal faves. Gets me really relaxed, happy, and stimulates appetite. It's still a very clear headed high. A perfect daytime strain/before a meal! You'll enjoy it. One of the better tasting strains as well!
Very good

This was the first hybrid I tried for pain/anxiety, it calms me down but I still have enough energy to do things. As far as pain, I’m able to ignore my nerve pain easier and my muscles are relaxed. It makes this introvert more social as well. Using concentrate oil to vape.
Very good

My all-time favorite for daytime activities! Chill but with motivation! Enjoy!
Very good

Recently got about a half of GSC & as I am today (disabled) it did the trick for me!!! The ߀$T Strain for me(period) Pungent, Funky Earthy tones to the aroma that does the job & with an Xtra “creepier” type effect.. FanFuqńtastic ßuDv
Very good

No wonder this strains is one of the most popular. I really wouldn't expect to be an OG Kush & Durban Poison cross. This strain gives me a very heavy euphoric buzz while melting away stress. Doesn't taste anything like girl scout cookies lol. I picked up a gram of crumble by Cresco, best $65 I've spent in a long time. Cresco calls theirs "cresco cookies" but it's the same thing.
Very good

I use it for PTSD and it has saved my life !!! I’ve been able to handle numerous panic attacks and horrible feelings, including my trauma. Highly recommend for PTSD patients.
Very good

Everyone's all time favourite. The song Girls Scott Cookies by Mom Jeans push me to get it and 0 regrets.