Green Love Potion

Green Love Potion Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Really awesome strain. My wife and I would spend ours just talking and halving fun. Very energetic feel to it, I enjoyed jogging at night with this strain.

Kind of have a special place in my heart for this one. Good flavor, nice vibe. Very "awake" for as body-relaxing, of an indica it is. Kind of a best of both worlds scenario. One of my favorites for right now. I vape with it. I cook with it.

Pretty good Stoney type of high. Very relaxing and great for watching something on tv. Pretty good indica strain, but the high only lasted about an hour for me. I wonder if it’s due to the lower the content.
Very good

Nice dense buds that grind to fluffy perfection for vaping. A nice smooth, sweet, flowery flavor. Very relaxing without sleepiness. I normally save my Indicas till later in the day, but this didn't slow me down too much. A fine afternoon treat.
Very good

A PREMIUM branded ILERA product this INDICA produces some big, thick resinous buds. Very nice n smooth tasting. First I vaped this on its own...the tase was sweet, pleasant...left that nice aftertaste on your lips.. by the 5 th pull on my ATMOS JUMP...a decent vaporizer for $59.95 that for the price is outstanding...just remember don’t expect giant plumes of smoke....vaporizer,s technology for oils is there, but they have a...
Very good

Green Love Potion is now available at Philadelphia despensaries. Patients who have tried Green Love Potion say it has rapid relaxing effects for chronic pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia. Its unique flavors of lavender and menthol and smells of sweet floral and lavender have patients raving about this flower.
Very good

Great “light” Indica. Makes my entire body feel great. It also works for headaches and migraines which has been a lifesaver for me. Man do I feel good right now 💚

Very good Indica!
Very good

the first few times I tried this strain I wasnt particularly impressed. I was aiming to use it as an anti anxiety/sleep/relaxation aid. It definitely has those benefits but not quite like you would think. I had a long drive that caused me to have awful back spasms I was in pain for a long ride home and I finally looked here to find which of my strains would be best for pain and now I know why this strain stuck out to me. I ...

The Strain is very good for relaxation and destressing. I suffer from severe depressive episodes and it up lifts my mood and is also a good pain reliever.