Green Kush

Green Kush Cannabis Strain

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love this spot great flower staff is awesome great prices
Very good

This is a great strain for people who are dealing with pain but still need to get shit done, unlike most indicas I don't get any couch lock, it's almost like a sativa with the pain relief of an indica.
Very good

some strain to relax to. well.... let's say just not to have any task that requires focus. it's hard. But washing the dishes, looking into the phone for hours or humping the wife are good things to do while being on this strain. A very very nice body sensation and a mindset to be surely not distracted by thoughts. have food and beverages ready and you'll have a good time!

foi muito
Very good

it could really use another round of cross breeding to.bring more of the energizing buzz of green cracking to the forefront. had great smell and taste. doc oc, lovely dense spreads far. tastes fits description. it ends in eventual slight burnt out feeling. cross this with some quality Nigerian haze and you got a winner
Very good

from doc October, really well grown, I give 4 because its invigorating energizing head body high takes over more of a lazy focus, no anxiety or paranoia. lovely flavor slight citrus to it
Very good

I tried this strain yesterday, and I love it. It tastes do good, very fruity and mellow...I def will put this on my list of favs.

Phoenix Arizona 5:40pm smoked a pre-roll of this strain good strong high sweet flavor took away my headache good strain2try if u can 🔝🔥🌲💯✌
Very good

Very strong body high but also a little but of paranoia and great sleep.
Very good

Bert good trip, but i have headche