Green Dragon

Green Dragon Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This Indica grabbed my attention with it's full bright green buds & it's bright orange hairs. Got me next with it's sweet, minty, skunky, & pine smells & tastes. Strain has more CBD then most nearing 2%. Uplifted, happy, & dizzy effects at first followed by calm, lazy, relaxation. At night's end i put my head on my pillow & fall right to sleep.
Very good

Grab a cozy blankie, some hot cocoa, and settle into a comfy recliner because you'll be feeling a bit snuggly for an hour or so. The body high is quite nice, it's like having a warm puppy in your lap - a slight weight feeling on your chest you don't want to disturb. Hint of mint lingers on the tongue. Nice middle of the road 4pm late afternoon snuggle time chill.
Very good

Green Dragon takes away RA pain in my knee, the Green Dragon will help you sleep when your in a lot of pain my friends.
Very good

Good relaxing indica

This is the stuff they put in those nasty, bad, cheap Pre-rolls. It burns the back of my throat and doesn't get me that stoned, wax of this strain (which is way more potent) would be the equivalent of a Joint of Mid Class weed.1

Not to my liking. Oh it is very good for pain relief. Instant head high. Then BOOM!!! It's deep couch sitting for this ol gal accompanied by an Insane Headache...Just too strong for this ol' lightweight...
Very good

(concentrate) Green Dragon is really nice. unlike a lot of people who commented, I find that I'd rather be bundled up in bed after smoking this, with a snack planned later. I smoked too much once and had some anxiety, but I put on crashing-ocean-waves sound and I felt better. doesn't help me sleep, bit makes me feel more relaxed before I do fall asleep on my own. Maybe it's just me but I need a decent number of hits before I...
Very good

wonderful for managing pain, relaxing and yet I can move on this and get work done. Pain in feet from Diabetes is almost pain free when I use this. It helps . good strain for pain reduction.
Very good

Took my back pain away and set me right.
Very good

Very good bud. I smoked half an O and died R.I.P.