Green Crack

Green Crack Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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The high is like crack, hits hard and leaves fast. The high was only about 1.5 - 2 hours and it energetic and focused high. Left me with dry red eyes and a little bit of a headache when I came down though
Very good

Terrible name for an awesome strain. I don’t appreciate the name, but whatever it’s straight fire.
Very good

got this as an edible (caramel chews) at a pop event in DC. I had tried the caramels before and not much effect so this time I ate the whole 100 mg chew. maybe there is some inconsistency in the pieces but this one definitely worked. I was a little paranoid for a bit but it eventually subsided. honestly I don't write many reviews but this strain made me motivated!
Very good

I’m a indo user rarely do I ever smoke sativa but this one is difference the body high is so strong I feel like I’m smokin Indo, definitely my favorite sativa strain of all time and I hate sativa
Very good

It finally happened. I got my hands on green crack. This is a good daytime strain. It kinda sneaks up on you.

The best quality stuff ever perfect strains both indica and sativia kik i.d maxiie45
Very good

My fav strain
Very good

Being an indica lover, I thought I would hate this sativa strain and it would make me racy and jittery. To my pleasant surprise it made me very chill and relaxed, but also stimulated my third eye and gave me some cool psychedelics. I could remain productive too if I wanted. Hopefully this phenotype stays around if it's rare. 5 stars. Gotta find some reputable seeds now. 💀💨
Very good

All around great classic strand