Gravity Cannabis Strain

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Very good

amazing!! recommend this strain for night time use!! put me out quick and easy, like my ex!!
Very good

Gravity is right. Slammed me right into my fucking bed watching Netflix

makes me sleepy and I have to smoke more frequently to feel a buzz
Very good

great high and great cbd effects too. perfect balance between a strong high and relaxation. best strain ive ever had!

Fiery red, dense nugs. Strong floral scents, smells like Walt Disney and Spring. Full of sweet flavour. Soft euphoric onset, long lasting happy high. Perfect for anxiety or stress. A real hidden gem! Rudi's final thought: If it's raining outside, or snowing, or wind's blowing, or perfectly sunny.... pack a fat bowl and treat yourself to euphoria!
Very good

Picked some up today gotta say I'm happy :)
Very good

Pretty strong strain. Knocked me out, so it's definitely a good one for night time. Otherwise I was very happy and uplifted. Definitely an indica experience
Very good

nice not bad indica, this flower has a Hog's Breath look but a better smell and high. this flower I recommend to all insomnia and pain ppl. 8/10
Very good

Gravity, smooth and loud! One of the better buds I've been able to get my hands on.
Very good

It's not bad. Very relaxing... Getting it, I had no idea about the CBD effects... It's not Cannatonic or anything but it's legit...