Grape OX

Grape OX Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very relaxing, takes away my anxiety and stress and therefore, my disability. I am able to focus without any pain or hindrance. This is a great medicinal strain. One of those first-stage-Herbalizer-auto-shut-off strains, where I don't need the second stage until way after the Herbie has decided to shut off after 15 minutes. Some strains don't last five minutes on stage one. Main effect: r e l a x i n g
Very good

Made me hungry and tired, very relaxed
Very good

Great taste with an amazing high👌🏾

Beautiful buds. Excellent for insomnia. A little goes a long way.
Very good

Excellent for insomnia - knocks me out in about half an hour. Definitely not euphoric but relaxing and helpful for anxiety/depression. Also relives mild aches and pains.
Very good

fabulous for nighttime, helps to relax, let go, and get some good rest. not quite a 5 star though, simply because it doesn't quite get there with the euphoria.
Very good

Very tasty, berry/grape flavor, smooth uptake + exhale. Definitive stress/pain relief, calm—altho gave only 4 of 5 stars bc lacked any real euphoria..
Very good

Delicious grape flavor, really relaxing buzz, yeah 🎶🎶🎶...
Very good

very relaxing body feeling

very purple nice body high