Grape Kush

Grape Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Really loved this strain
Very good

Marked at my store as an indica-works like a straight indica. Nice slow thoughts and relaxation
Very good

Good high (I can’t remember much). Felt it for 2 days afterwards, do not recommend if you have things to do the next day. Also, I had a major headache. To be fair, I smoked way more than I should have.
Very good

Ahhh one of my new favorites! Relaxing but no couch lock. My pain is gone and I have a smile on my face! Super frosty buds from Harvest of Maryland. I will for sure be back for more.
Very good

I completely loved this strain so far it is my all time favorite. the high is very relaxing and really helpful with my bpd and my bipolar

love this strain, actually smells like grape! TON of crystals on it too!
Very good

This strain is amazing between the smell, taste, and effect I have 0 complaints. Great for anxiety, great for just hanging out and relaxing or sharing with friends.
Very good

Mendo Grape Kush, at a great price $10Gram from Grass Roots. No thc levels listed. Long lasting chilled head high and a mellow body high. Smoked around 9:45 and woke up Grape Krushed, in a good way, so this strain won't induce sleep or stick you to the couch unless you want it to.
Very good

Very good

You get too fucking euphoric and you feel super relaxed