Grape Krush

Grape Krush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Since this is apparently a pheno of Blueberry, I suppose it's not a surprise to say that this strain reminds me a lot of ... Blueberry ... and that's a good thing! It smells and tastes much the same, but, like the name says, it's a bit more grapey version of that sweet-and-sour, spicy berry that I love. The effects come on quickly, with a strong, relaxing body high and plenty of spacey, stony, contemplative head effects. Lo...

Grape crush is like an earthy grape flavour, very purple, munchies, great before bed
Very good

Damn! Yoohoo! Taste is soft and sweet, dope.
Very good

had the strain in a shatter run, WOW so good and the taste is legit grape crush. two dabs and lights out was an easy task to accomplish

Traditionally a heavyweight motivation krushing, kouch locking, munchies inducing Indica, this Grape Krusher fell flat on its face. Cultivated by innovators over at Pruf Cultivar in Portland, Or, procured at the wet dream dispensary of modernist consumers worldwide, Serra. The bag appeal was exemplary with a flavor profile of the most elegant prison toilet wine. Combining a corpulent mouthfeel, a mild aftertaste of used Hubb...
Very good

This strain is super great before you go to bed and is a beautiful purple

Nice taste and a boring high. Not for me.
Very good

Just had a mail order of this strain show up that I ordered out southern bc Canada. I have to say this is a great strain for 9 bucks a gram. And I the high was amazing it' was nice med size nugs had a fruit smell once grinded up. Smoke wasn't heavy on the lungs and high is a creeper and will be order again for sure
Very good

Wow, love this flower, sticky super purple, tastes amazing. I would purchase this strain again as half way through the joint as my eyes low. πŸ˜šπŸ’¨πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»
Very good

Got mine from lotus medical in Denver... simply fantastic! Grape grapey grape soda in flower form! Really just wow, with a wonderful mellow high everything about this strain is fantastic