Grape Inferno

Grape Inferno Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Been growing for 3 seasons, very easy, superb tight buds (when cool nights are available) which allows for fab purple highlights and more than awesome flavors. The best part for pro growers is the easy trim even though huge nugs. The Best of the Best.
Very good

Amazing indica dense indica nugs insane grape skunk smell and taste will knock you out pain has no chance if 20 thc or more don't hesitate get it dank you very much
Very good

Really great flavor, and a really good on set. Very dense and nice looking bud. Smells amazing. Very strong cerebral High. I really have enjoyed this one!
Very good

When you smoke this.. you just drop the microphone and walk off.
Very good

very tasty, eyes are swoll... great strain, sugary and bright grapefruit flavours. mellow, long lasting effect

AWESOME!! All I can say this is the best strain. it really relaxes you. kills the pain and knocks you out!! If you have an opportunity to try this! Do so. You won't regret it.
Very good

Great indica! Awesome body and mental high, great for relaxing.
Very good

Best indica I've ever tasted. Genuinely tastes like great and tests high on the thc content at 21%

Helps with chronic pain and the anxiety and the insomnia that goes with it. Very good!
Very good

great strain, good high and got the best sleep ever