Grape Ape

Grape Ape Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

This is the Indica strain that my local dispensary (MUV) uses in their concentrates for "REST". It is a nice strain and tastes wonderful through a Terpene Enriched Vape Pen. It's effects are not as intense through the Vape Cartridge as I imagine they might be with Flower. But the sleepy effects are more gentle. Not one of the best I have had for neuropathic pain ... but very flavorful and a good one to stack at night wit...
Very good

I have tried a number of strains for insomnia India's and a number of CBD strains, even a few hybrids. This is by far the best, got it from a private grower. There is absolute relaxation after 5 min, and I can not even hold a train of thought for 30 seconds.It clears your mind to say the least, with some people it might be to clear. Some strains clear your mind then the voices start coming in your head ie. Paranoia, not...
Very good

Sooooo relaxing. I struggle with falling asleep at night and this is killer for that. Makes my eyelids feel so heavy.

As a luver of Grape Ape, I scored a gr of slightly green product for doing micro-snorts which guarantees a head high with any product. I can't lie - it was great but don't expect much flavor. Head hits are about getting stoned. bs
Very good

it's great for an everyday life routine people. very stress relief and always with a positive attitude, ain't what's life is suppose to be about? Just Asking!
Very good

Perfect for relaxing and quieting down my anxiety before bed.
Very good

Great for my lack of appetite. Helps me to eat!!!!

indica 100% this Strain make me sleep all Time and good indica to have a body High😎
Very good

The high comes in around the first minute or so, but really starts to settle in around the 5 minute mark. But by god at that 5 minute mark you feel like a thousand pound gorilla by this I mean your arms and legs feel so heavy you just want to melt into the couch and drift off. Great body high by far one of my favorite strains.